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This is a symptom of too many outlets being fed by one circuit. It can be corrected by providing a dedicated circuit to high power demand locations.

Many extended use devices such as lights, refrigerators and air heating / cooling units can quickly compound your electricity consumption. • Lights can be changed to LED and controlled by occupancy sensors or timers. • Old refrigerators should be replaced with new models bearing high efficiency ratings. • Proper insulation of walls, windows and doors will contain the air your equipment is working to heat/cool. If the air is escaping, your system is wasting energy trying to maintain the constant flow of outdoor air.

If you are a property owner or manager with an electric bill, contact one of our solar experts to determine the right solution for you.

In any location prone to moisture (bathroom, kitchen, garage, outdoor, fountains, etc.)

Service panels (circuit breaker) exposed to moisture corrode over time lowering the integrity of the system. This can lead to failure/fire. If you have a Zinsco brand panel it is absolutely a fire/electrocution hazard and should be replaced.

Some older homes are wired without an equipment grounding conductor. This is the green or bare copper wire that connects metal parts to ground. Your electrician can determine the presence of this but good indicators are outlets with only two prongs and no third hole. If your wiring is not properly grounded it is a fire/electrocution hazard and should be corrected.